The A.S.D. G.S. LAMONE with the patronage of the Emilia Romagna Region, the Province of Ravenna and the Municipalities of Russi (RA) and Bagnacavallo (RA), organizes the road running athletics event included in the FIDAL National Calendar.



The event will take place on Sunday 7 April 2024

Meeting point: from 07:00 in Piazza Farini Russi

Departure time: 09:00



The competition takes place over the distance of:

  • Men: 42.195 km (FIDAL certified)
  • Women: km 42.195 (FIDAL certified)
    Entirely flat route, completely paved except for two short stretches of dirt at km 24 and at km 39. Information and Map here



Based on the provisions of the “Regulations for the organization of Non Stadia events” issued by FIDAL, athletes can participate limited to people aged 20 years and older (thousandths of age) in possession of one of the following requirements:

  • Italian and foreign athletes registered for 2024 for FIDAL affiliated teams
  • Italian and foreign athletes in possession of a Runcard combined with a valid medical certificate of competitive fitness for athletics. A copy of the certificate will be given to the organizers.
  • Italian and foreign athletes registered with an italian “EPS” (Sports Promotion Body) Athletics Section and in possession of a Runcard-EPS combined with a valid medical certificate of competitive fitness for athletics. A copy of the certificate will be given to the organizers.
  • Italian and foreign athletes not registered in Italy who hold membership cards from clubs affiliated with Foreign Athletics Federations recognized by World Athletics. If not registered by their Federation or Club, at the time of registration they will have to present self-certification of the aforementioned membership.
  • Foreign citizens residing abroad who are not members of any club: they can participate in a non-competitive form, without the need for a medical certificate but by signing a specific release, they will be placed in an alphabetical order of arrival distinct from the rankings of the competitive event and will not be able to benefit from prizes in kind, in cash, value vouchers, bonuses, wages, expense reimbursements of any kind.


Important Notes:

  • Italian athletes, even if resident abroad, must necessarily be in possession of one of these cards: Fidal, WA, Runcard or Runcard Eps. Their participation in a non-competitive form is not permitted.
  • Since it is a national competition, athletes with only a membership for a EPS (Sports Promotion Body) are not admitted. To participate they must necessarily obtain a RunCard EPS or RunCard (on the website www.runcard.com) or a Fidal card.
  • Italian and foreign athletes in possession of Runcard or Runcard EPS will be regularly included in the race ranking, but will not be able to enjoy refunds, bonuses or access the prize money.
  • Italian and foreign athletes residing abroad in possession of a Runcard can present a competitive medical certificate issued in the country of residence provided that the foreign doctor signs that the same tests required by Italian law have been carried out: a) medical examination; b) complete urinalysis; c) electrocardiogram at rest and after effort; d) spirometry.
  • Participation in the competitive race by italian or foreign athletes with only a competitive medical certificate is not permitted. It is necessary to be in possession of a valid Fidal, WA, Runcard or Runcard Eps membership: in particular, Fidal card holders must insure themselves at their team to have renewed the card for the year 2024 and in the case of recent renewal of the medical certificate that this has been sent by the team to Fidal to make the card valid again, in case the card has not been renewed or is invalid they will not be able to take part in the race.



A maximum of 5 athletes with strollers are allowed to participate. Athletes must meet one of the participation requirements. Departure is scheduled at 09:00



All athletes are considered elite (100 R.T.I. Rule)



Bib collection will take place in Russi (RA) in Piazza Farini:

Saturday 6 April 2024 from 10 to 20
Sunday 7 April 2024 from 7:00 to 8:45
The name is sufficient to collect the bib (no confirmation letter from Endu will be sent)



The measurement of the times and the elaboration of the rankings is by ENDU DETECHT with data processing timing with the use of passive chips

Times and rankings are validated by the Technical Delegate Judge/Appeal Judge



  • 25 euros until 26 november 2023 Promo Black Friday (online only on Endu.net)
  • 30 euros until 15 January 2024
  • 35 euros until 15 February 2024
  • 40 euros until 15 March 2024
  • 45 euros until 4 April 2024
  • 50 euros only with cash payment in Piazza Farini Russi on Saturday 6 April 2024 from 10 to 20 and Sunday 7 April 2024 from 7 to 8:30.

    For members of the Supermarathon Club 25 euros from 27 November onwards a 5 euro discount on the respective fees (request the discount code by writing to iscrizioni@gslamone.org or by contacting the Supermarathon Club)



For those who registered in the 2023 and 2022 edition and in the canceled editions 2021 and 2020 and have not yet recovered their registration to reconfirm their presence in 2024 they must register again using the code sent by email which entitles them to pay only 5 euro fee for secretarial expenses (in case of non-receipt, communicate it to iscrizioni@gslamone.org to resend the code), or you can transfer it to another person at no additional cost



  • ONLINE on the Endu.net website
  • BY E-MAIL to iscrizioni@gslamone.org by sending the Registration form and for WA Federation members the selfdeclaration of membership (for Runcard or Runcard EPS holders also attach a copy of the medical certificate, medical form for foreigners here) and a copy of the bank transfer (specify the names of the members) to be addressed to G.S. Lamone IBAN IT33G0503467590000000030598
  • CASH from our representatives present at the running or pre-marathon competitions.



The first three male and female absolutes are excluded from the category prizes. The prize pool reserved for Italians is awarded only for performances of less than 2h30’00” for men and 2h55’00” for women and can be combined with the absolute one. The amount of the prizes is to be considered gross withholdings required by Italian tax legislation. There is no cash prize or value vouchers for “Runcard” and “Runcard EPS” card holders.



Up to 2.15.07 RecordFrom 2.15.08 to 2.20.00From 2.20.01 to 2.25.00From 2.25.01 to 2.30.00From 2.30.01 onwards
1st 1.500 €1st 800 €1st 500 €1st 400 €1st 300 €
2nd 700 €2nd 600 €2nd 400 €2nd 250 €2nd 200 €
3rd 400 €3rd 400 €3rd 250 €3rd 200 €3rd 150 €



Up to 2.15.07 RecordFrom 2.15.08 to 2.20.00From 2.20.01 to 2.25.00From 2.25.01 to 2.30.00 
1st 500 €1st 300 €1st 200 €1st 150 € 
2nd 250 €2nd 200 €2nd 125 €2nd 100 € 
3rd 150 €3rd 100 €3rd 75 €3rd 50 € 



Up to 2.41.44 RecordFrom 2.41.45 to 2.45.00From 2.45.01 to 2.50.00From 2.50.01 to 2.55.00From 2.55.01 onwards
1st 1.500 €1st 800 €1st 500 €1st 400 €1st 300 €
2nd 700 €2nd 600 €2nd 400 €2nd 250 €2nd 200 €
3rd 400 €3rd 400 €3rd 250 €3rd 200 €3rd 150 €



Up to 2.41.44 RecordFrom 2.41.45 to 2.45.00From 2.45.01 to 2.50.00From 2.50.01 to 2.55.00 
1st 500 €1st 300 €1st 200 €1st 150 € 
2nd 250 €2nd 200 €2nd 125 €2nd 100 € 
3rd 150 €3rd 100 €3rd 75 €3rd 50 €


In addition to the aforementioned cash prizes, the first 3 men and the first 3 women will receive the MARATHON FRAMEWORK on stage

City of Russi Trophy to the 1st Absolute Man and to the 1st Absolute Woman



   MEN                             WOMEN

M20/34 (’04-90)    F20/34 (’04-90)
M35/39 (89-85)     F35/39 (89-85)
M40/44 (84-80)     F40/44 (84-80)
M45/49 (79-75)     F45/49 (79-75)
M50/54 (74-70)     F50/54 (74-70)
M55/59 (69-65)     F55/59 (69-65)
M60/64 (64-60)     
F60/64 (64-60)
M65/69 (59-55)     F65/69 (59-55)
M70/O. (54 & b.)  F70/O. (54 & b.)


The first 3 classified in each of the 9 categories, both male and female, will be awarded on stage with:

2nd HAM + CASH PRIZE €40


afterwards they will be rewarded:

MEN                           WOMEN

M20/34: 4th – 10th   F20/34: 4th – last
M35/39: 4th – 10th   F35/39: 4th – last
M40/44: 4th – 15th   F40/44: 4th – last
M45/49: 4th – 15th   F45/49: 4th – last
M50/54: 4th – 15th   F50/54: 4th – last
M55/59: 4th – 10th   F55/59: 4th – last
M60/64: 4th – 10th   F60/64: 4th – last
M65/69: 4th – 5th     F65/69: 4th – last   

M70/Ov.: 4th – 5th    F70/Ov.: 4th – last


Avis Trophy to the 1st Man and 1st Woman resident in the Municipality of Russi



In case of non-participation of the athlete, the registration will be kept valid for the following year upon communication via email: iscrizioni@gslamone.org. In this case it will be necessary to pay a supplementary fee of 5 euros for secretarial expenses to register for the next edition. In no case will the refund of the registration fee be foreseen.



In case of non-participation, an athlete can also transfer the registration to another athlete with the following methods which are managed only by the G.S. Lamone:

This operation can only be carried out via email iscrizioni@gslamone.org
all the data of the incoming athlete are required as for a new member
payment of the 5 euro fee for secretarial expenses
payment must be made by bank transfer (IBAN same as that for registrations)



The maximum time to finish the race is 6 hours and 30 minutes




Composed for all by a technical T-Shirt leader, medal, supplements, local products. Diploma downloadable online. Indicate the size preference for the technical t-shirt in the notes of the Endu registration form or in the registration form

Personalized bib for those who register by March 31, 2024
Photoshoot downloadable for free on Endupix


Bag Storage
Changing rooms and showers
Refreshments as per Fidal regulation
Public Assistance Service
Pacemakers with estimated finish times of hours: 3:00, 3:15; 3:30, 3:45, 4:00, 4:30, 5:00, 5:30, 6:00

Massage service before and after the race

Pasta Party after the race



MASSAGE SERVICE before and after the race offered by
Valerioti Aldo
Massoterapista M.C.B. , Osteopata D.O. R.O.I. , Dott. Sc. Motorie e Sportive



The Organizing Committee reserves the right to modify these regulations at any time for reasons it deems appropriate for a better organization of the race, after having communicated it and obtained approval from FIDAL. For anything not covered by these regulations, the statutory technical rules of FIDAL and the BFG apply. Any changes to services, places and times will be appropriately communicated to the registered athletes or will be reported on the website https://www.gslamone.it Furthermore, the documentation containing the essential information to take part in the race will be delivered by the organization together with the bib.



Sassi Lucia 335 6933050

Bruno Mazzotti 349 4579564

D’Ambrosio Angelo 333 8957562
Davide Tondini 338 8017078

Athletes contact person: Romani Giacomo 328 2179085.

E-mail: for bureaucratic and miscellaneous information info@gslamone.org

for registration and information on the modalities iscrizioni@gslamone.org




Russi, in the province of Ravenna, is 16 kilometers from the province capital, 65 kilometers from Bologna, 23 kilometers from Forlì, 17 kilometers from Faenza. The motorway exits are: Faenza on the A14 motorway (km 16) and Bagnacavallo on the A14dir motorway (km 5). The city is located at the crossroads between the 302 Brisighellese-Ravennate state road and the 253 San Vitale provincial road (which connects Bologna to Ravenna).
Find driving directions

Start Romagna bus lines

ATC Bologna bus lines

Russi is located on the Bologna/Ravenna railway line


Bologna airport (km 72)

Forlì airport (km 25)

Rimini Airport (km 74)